Mental Wellness is not Mental Illness

Providing mental health and wellness services is at the core of what we do.


We commonly blame our forgetfulness, impulsivity, procrastination, and avoidance of responsibilities on “my ADD.” We resort to drinking caffeine, working late hours, and writing list after list after list in order to compensate for our lack of efficiency. All this only to discover that these methods simply magnify the issue.

Insomnia, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse can be some of the potential causes that should first be addressed. If symptoms continue, there are highly effective treatments that help us stay focused, increase efficiency, prolong a high level of functioning, improve motivation, and alleviate distractibility.

Perhaps one of the most commonly misunderstood conditions in medicine, Bipolar Disorder is truly a complex of symptoms that can manifest in different ways for different people. Often, people experience intense moods that coincide with a lack of quality sleep, increased stress, and erratic lifestyles. Emotional reactivity, obsessive or ruminating thoughts, poor impulse control, and a general amplification of one’s thoughts and emotions can lead to brilliance when well-managed and implosion when gone unchecked.


We aim to help our clients gain control of their emotions and harness their great potential with conservative medication treatments and practical education on lifestyle choices. While it begins and ends with sleep, achieving proper mood stabilization can help individuals lead very high functioning lives.


Depression can wear many faces. Some will cry, become angry, overreact, or shut down. Others get by seemingly happy and smiling but suffer quietly inside. Eventually, high levels of stress, dark and negative thoughts, lack of quality sleep, and difficulty maintaining support systems run us into the ground.


Fortunately, with advancements in medicine, technology, and science, our providers are trained to address depression with a conservative and effective approach. With a clear understanding of the human mind and how it can malfunction when we are overwhelmed emotionally, our providers are truly experts in their respective fields and can help you conquer depression.


Traumatic situations affect us all in different ways. Some people seem unfazed by almost anything while others appear to be in a constant state of crisis. High levels of anxiety, disturbing and ruminating thoughts, chronic insomnia, emotional reactivity, avoidance behaviors, and haunting flashbacks can be some of the many manifestations of traumatic events. While dealing with the trauma is not so easy, avoiding the issue tends to give the trauma a life of it’s own.


Some people thrive in therapy while others benefit from medication before starting on the path to recovery. Either way, it is clear that overcoming our personal traumas can only help us build the confidence, insight, and independence needed to gain peace with our past and the ability to move forward in our lives.



Anxiety is a normal and often motivating phenomenon for us. But when gone unchecked, anxiety leads to panic attacks, isolation, avoidance, and an overall state of fear. Living life in fear is highly limiting and lonely. Our providers can teach you practical ways to manage anxiety and provide medication to prevent excessive worry, panic, and all the fear that comes with it. Overcoming anxiety is liberating and the first step to living a free life.

Fibromyalgia  AND Chronic Fatigue

Exhausted, weak, unmotivated and the “all over pain” are some of the main complaints made when we struggle to manage mental or emotional distress with our physical bodies. Doctor after doctor runs lab test after lab test only to give you a vague and inconclusive answer, “Hmmm, everything seems normal.” Press the doctor further and you may see an unsightly “eye-roll.” Worse yet, some doctors will recommend their own proprietary “herbal blend” as an answer. While this may instill hope, it soon becomes clear that your doctor doesn’t have a clear answer to your physical pain, fatigue, weakness, and generalized discomfort.


With an experienced team, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be effectively and consistently managed. Speak to your WellPsyche provider about treatment options.


While some people may experiment with drugs and alcohol when “caught up with the wrong crowd,” many people turn to drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication. Whether coping with an underlying mood disorder, a traumatic event, ADHD symptoms, or other issues, substance abuse can have long lasting negative effects for the person and their family.


Our aim is to target the underlying issues that prevent our clients from using their good judgement and impulse control. Our clients benefit from practical therapies and expert medication management. The first step is to find the right help.

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Yelling, screaming, slamming doors, and road rage are clear examples of how all of us can lose our composure from time to time. But losing control of one’s emotions can have a lasting negative impact on our lives. Anger can alienate us from family and friends, can cost us a job, or get us kicked out of school. While we can all lose control briefly, some of us struggle to manage their anger on a regular basis. This is the time for intervention.


Imagine what could be accomplished if all that angry energy was used for positive actions instead. Our WellPsyche providers are experts in helping people understand and manage their anger issues in a practical and consistent way.